What elements of BDSM are common in lesbian bondage play?

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When it comes to exploring and enjoying sexual activity, lesbian couples are often pioneers in trying new things. Increasingly popular among lesbian couples is bondage play, also known as Dom/sub, BDSM or sadomasochism. Bondage isn’t just a popular activity amongst lesbian couples; it’s becoming a widespread sexual exploration for many couples.

BDSM, or bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism, involves one partner as a dominant and the other as a submissive. BDSM activities can involve physical and psychological activities that range from light spanking, bondage, and role-playing to intense bondage involving more extreme activities.

When it comes to lesbian bondage, some common elements include the use of restraints, blindfolds, spanking, and role-play. Different types of restraints can be used to achieve different levels of excitement. Some common restraints include rope, leather cuffs, and Velcro straps. Blindfolds also play an important part in BDSM play. A blindfold can heighten emotional and physical sensations as well as provide a sense of trust. Spanking is a common form of BDSM play, and in lesbian bondage it can be done using hands or toys such as paddles and floggers.

Role-play is a common element in BDSM and lesbian bondage play. This involves the submissive taking on the role of the dominate or vice versa. This could involve sexual activities such as acting out fantasies, using props, trying different costumes, sexual positions, or incorporating electricity and sexual torture.

At the heart of BDSM is the exchange of power and trust between the partners involved. Many lesbian couples engage in this kind of BDSM play to escape from everyday life, exploring hidden fantasies and taboos. It is important for both partners to communicate with each other about what they are comfortable doing during BDSM play and to establish and respect boundaries.

BDSM play, including lesbian bondage, can be a fun and exciting way for lesbian couples to explore their sexuality and can lead to a deeper connection and understanding between partners. Click here for info.

What safety precautions should one take while participating in chastity femdom?

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If you’re considering exploring chastity femdom, it’s important to keep safety at top-of-mind. After all, the last thing you want is for anyone to get hurt—or, worse yet, put into a vulnerable position. So, before getting started, it’s important to follow some simple safety guidelines.

The first and foremost rule is to be open and honest with your domme. Establish boundaries and discuss what both you and your domme are comfortable with. You should both know what activities are off-limits, and talk through them before anything happens.

It’s also important to make sure you both understand the rules of chastity femdom. This means that both of you need to be aware that it involves intentionally denying someone’s sexual pleasure. Make sure you are both aware that punishment and humiliation are not the goals here.

Another key part of safety in chastity femdom is keeping it consensual. If either of you does not feel comfortable with the activities, the play should stop immediately. It’s also important to make sure that both of you understand that it is OK to say “no if you’re not comfortable or if you feel like something is wrong.

One of the most important safety tips is for both of you to communicate throughout the entire experience. Make sure you talk through everything that is happening and make sure you both are comfortable. It’s also important to make sure you communicate your level of experience, so your domme can make sure the activities are within your comfort level.

Finally, if you’re planning for a chastity femdom experience, it’s important to build a trusting relationship with your domme. If you know each other well, it will make the experience much more enjoyable, safe, and satisfying.

By following these safety tips and communicating openly and honestly, you can enjoy a safe and satisfying chastity femdom experience. So don’t be afraid to explore this intimate and exciting practice!

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