What sexual fantasies are often explored through femdom fisting?

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When discussing sexual fantasies, one of the more controversial topics that often arise is femdom fisting. It’s not widely discussed, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular kink among couples.

Femdom fisting essentially involves a dominant female or female-identified partner inserting their fist, or the entirety of their hand, into their partner’s vagina or anus for sexual stimulation and pleasure. This type of BDSM play is often seen as controversial, mainly because of the potential risks associated with hand sex toys and what is a deeply intimate way to express domination and submission.

The most important thing to understand with femdom fisting is that it should always be consensual and take place in a safe, sane, and consensual environment. For the submissive partner, the experience of having their body penetrated in this way can be intensely stimulating. It can involve a range of sensations, both physically and emotionally, which can be incredibly pleasurable and powerful for both parties involved.

For the dominant partner, the psychic and energetic exchange of energy through femdom fisting can be incredibly powerful. When done correctly, the dominant partner can use their fist to create sensations of pleasure, dominance and arousal in their submissive partner. Additionally, metaphysical and energy exchange between the two partners can be very intimate and can help deepen the connection between them.

In addition to being an extremely intimate way to express dynamics of domination and submission, femdom fisting can also open up new realms of sexual exploration beyond physical penetration. BDSM activities like edging and orgasm control can be included within a femdom fisting session to prolong the experience and to create an energy exchange that goes beyond just physical sensations.

Overall, femdom fisting is a powerful activity where both partners, the dominant and the submissive, are able to create an intensely intimate and pleasurable experience for one another. As with any BDSM activity, safety should always be a priority and things should be discussed beforehand to ensure that both partners are comfortable with the activity. With proper consent and communication, femdom fisting can be an incredibly stimulating and pleasurable experience for both partners involved. Click here for more.

How does CBT BDSM differ from other types of BDSM play?

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BDSM, an acronym which stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism, is a popular form of sexual play. Many people find satisfaction in exploring their fantasies through something that is consensual and safe. While the activities associated with BDSM can be diverse and widespread, there is one particular type of BDSM play that stands out, and that is CBT (Cock & Ball Torture).

CBT BDSM is different from other forms of BDSM play because it focuses more specifically on the genitals. It involves using different forms of pain and pressure to stimulate the genitals, including but not limited to, binding, squeezing, pinching, spiking, and stretching of the penis and testicles.

When engaging in CBT BDSM play, the level of intensity can vary greatly. It can be relatively mild and gentle or it can be much harsher, depending on the preferences of the individual engaging in it. When engaging in CBT, it is important to begin with a milder level of intensity and work up to more intense levels if desired. It is important to practice safety and communicate boundaries with your partner during play, as it can be quite intense.

In addition, there are usually several BDSM tools that are used during CBT play such as clamps, nipple clamps, electrical toys, and restraints. These tools can add a certain level of intensity to the play, which can make it a more stimulating experience.

CBT BDSM is also different from other forms of BDSM play as the physical sensations are more intense. Whereas with other forms of BDSM play you may get pleasure from the idea of control or humiliation, with CBT play you are more likely to experience the physical sensations from the play such as the squeezing or stretching of the genitals.

Overall, CBT BDSM is an intense and unique form of BDSM play. It is important to practice safety and communicate with your partner, as the intensity of the play can be quite different from other forms of BDSM. With the proper communication and a willingness to explore, it can be an stimulating and enjoyable experience.

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