How does online femdom differ from in-person femdom activities?

How does online femdom differ from in-person femdom activities?

Female domination, also known as femdom, is a type of BDSM roleplay in which the dominant partner takes on a more aggressive and dominant role. There are many forms of femdom, including in-person and online. While both types of femdom involve a dominant and submissive partner, there are significant differences between the two.

Online Femdom

Online femdom takes place over the internet using apps like Skype, Zoom or platforms like Onlyfans, Tumblr or Reddit. One major advantage of online femdom is that the submissive partner can stay anonymous and doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their home. Online femdom can take on a few different forms, such as text messages, phone calls, camming, and virtual reality.

Text messages can be used for dominant partners to communicate their commands or instructions. Online femdom through phone calls mimics in-person BDSM sessions by using voice to establish dominance and submission. Camming allows partners to use video to see each other while BDSM activities are taking place. Virtual reality is the newest form of online femdom, where interactive 3D environments are created to simulate a BDSM scene.

However, the downside of online femdom is that it may lack some form of human interaction. Touch, smell, and taste are important elements to BDSM because they help to create an intense environment that can arouse and excite the submissive partner.

In-person Femdom

In-person femdom is the traditional form of BDSM experience, also called ‘real time’. In-person femdom is typically sanctioned for a private setting, such as a dungeon, playroom, or professionally run BDSM club. The dominant partner can use different toys or props to physically embody their role, such as a whip, paddle or rope. The submissive partner can also feel, taste, and see things in ways that are not possible in digital interactions, such as experiencing physical pain, being humiliated in person, or having a physical connection or touch with their dominant partner.

In-person femdom is the most common form of exploring BDSM, particularly among seasoned individuals or fetishists.

One of the downsides of in-person femdom is that it requires people to be physically present. There is an intimacy that can be intimidating or embarrassing to some that is hard to replicate outside of a BDSM environment. It also requires BDSM equipment or tools, which can be expensive to purchase and may not be easy to access for some.


Overall, both online femdom and in-person femdom have their own unique features and benefits. The much more discreet nature of online femdom allows people to explore their BDSM desires without being publicly identified or judged. However, it can lack the physical and emotional feeling that only in-person BDSM can provide. Conversely, in-person femdom provides the physical intimacy that those interested in BDSM need but can be intimidating, have public risibility or require an established level of trust between the partners that some people might not feel comfortable within a traditional BDSM environment. Ultimately, each experience is unique to the participating parties, and it is only a matter of preference which form of femdom is best suited for them. Click here for more info

How do different types of femdom play translate to the online space?

Femdom or female domination refers to a consensual BDSM relationship where a female partner controls the activities and behavior of a male or female submissive partner. The activities involved in femdom play can vary from bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. These activities can be experienced in the virtual space, and the question at hand is how different types of femdom play can be translated to the virtual world.

Online platforms have become a popular medium for BDSM enthusiasts to fulfill their desires. The rise of social media and online communities has also facilitated virtual femdom play. The online medium has become a safe space for individuals who are curious about their sexuality but may not want to experience it physically. Additionally, virtual femdom allows individuals to explore their desires without the physical barriers of distance and time.

The most popular type of femdom play that can easily translate to the online space is domination/submission role-play. This involves one partner assuming the role of dominant while the other submits to their desires. In the virtual space, this can be achieved through messaging, voice or video chat, and webcam. The dominant partner can order the submissive to perform various tasks, which can be either erotic or non-sexual. Virtual domination also involves setting rules and limitations for the submissive partner, which can be enforced through punishment in the event of disobedience.

Another type of femdom play that can be translated to the virtual space is financial domination. This involves a dominant partner controlling the finances of their submissive partner. In the virtual space, this can be achieved through various online payment platforms such as PayPal and cash apps. The dominant partner can demand tribute (a form of payment) from their submissive partner as a sign of financial submission. This can be accompanied by financial humiliation where the submissive receives insults and derogatory remarks from their dominant partner.

Femdom play involving pain and discomfort such as sensory deprivation and cock and ball torture (CBT) can also be translated to the online space. Sensory deprivation involves restricting the senses of the submissive partner, such as sight or sound, while CBT involves inflicting pain on the male genitals. In the virtual space, sensory deprivation can be achieved by ordering the submissive partner to wear a blindfold, earmuffs or noise-cancelling headphones. CBT can also be achieved through online devices such as electrostimulation devices, which deliver electric shocks to the genital area.

Virtual femdom play also involves humiliation and degradation. This can be achieved through sexting and phone sex where the dominant partner sends messages or makes phone calls to humiliate and verbally abuse the submissive partner. The submissive partner may also be ordered to perform degrading acts such as crawling on their knees, masturbating in public or wearing embarrassing outfits.

In conclusion, femdom play can be translated to the online space through various virtual mediums such as messaging, voice or video chat, and webcam. The virtual space provides a safe and convenient medium for BDSM enthusiasts to explore their desires. Different types of femdom play can be experienced online, including domination/submission role-play, financial domination, pain and discomfort, and humiliation and degradation. Virtual femdom is not only limited to the above activities but can involve any activity that a submissive partner consents to with their dominant partner. As with any BDSM relationship, communication and consent are critical to the success of virtual femdom play.
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