How does a mistress choose the right chastity device for her slave?

How does a mistress choose the right chastity device for her slave?

When it comes to BDSM and female domination, one of the most popular tools is the use of chastity devices on male submissives. These devices are designed to prevent the wearer from achieving an erection or masturbating, thereby putting the submissive under the complete control of their dominant. However, choosing the right chastity device for your slave is crucial to ensure not only their comfort, but also to maintain their confinement and obedience. Here are some things to consider when selecting the right chastity device for your slave.

1. Size and Fit

The first and most important factor to consider when choosing a chastity device is the size and fit. A properly fitted device is essential for both comfort and security. A device that is too small may cause chafing, pain, and/or may not be able to fully encase the penis. On the other hand, a device that is too large may be too easy to slip out of, thereby defeating the purpose of the chastity device entirely. It is important to measure your slave’s penis accurately to determine the right size device. Many chastity devices come with a variety of ring sizes and spacers to ensure the right fit.

2. Type of Device

The second factor to consider is the type of device. There are several types of chastity devices including metal cages, plastic cages, silicone cages, and chastity belts. Metal cages tend to be the most secure, but some people find them uncomfortable due to their weight and rigidness. Plastic and silicone cages tend to be more comfortable and lightweight, but may not be as secure as metal cages. Chastity belts are another option that may be more comfortable for long-term wear, but they require more work to put on and take off.

3. Duration of Confinement

Another factor to consider is the duration of confinement. If you plan on keeping your slave in chastity for extended periods of time, then a comfortable and breathable device may be more important. This is especially true if you plan on using the device for 24/7 confinement. The right device should allow for proper hygiene and cleaning to avoid any infections or discomfort.

4. Design and Aesthetics

While the practical aspects of the chastity device should be the primary consideration, the design and aesthetics of the device can also be important. Many mistresses prefer devices that are more ornate or visually appealing, as it can add an element of feminization or objectification to the slave. Devices that include a lock or are adorned with jewels or other decorative elements can also add to the domination and submission dynamic.

5. Financial Considerations

Finally, it is important to consider the financial cost of the chastity device. Higher-quality devices tend to be more expensive, but they also provide more comfort and security. However, it is important to find a device that fits within your budget, as there are many affordable options available without sacrificing quality.

In conclusion, choosing the right chastity device for your slave requires careful consideration of several factors including size and fit, type of device, duration of confinement, design and aesthetics, and financial considerations. With the right device, both the mistress and the slave can enjoy a fulfilling BDSM experience that emphasizes domination and submission. Full Article

How does a submissive/slave prepare for a chastity device to be locked in place?

Chastity devices have become increasingly popular in the BDSM community as an effective means of controlling a submissive or slave’s sexual urges. The device is a physical barrier that prevents the wearer from engaging in sexual activities, while also offering a sense of psychological control to the dominant partner. While it is common for dominants to require their submissive or slave to wear a chastity device for an extended period, it is crucial for the wearer to prepare themselves mentally and physically before locking the device in place.

Mental Preparation

Before committing to the use of a chastity device, it is essential for both the dominant and submissive to have an open and honest discussion about their desires and expectations. This conversation should outline the length of time the device will be worn, any restrictions or rules that will be put in place, and any potential consequences for breaking the rules. During this conversation, the submissive should also express any concerns or fears they may have about wearing the device.

Once the parameters have been established, the submissive should take some time to mentally prepare themselves for the upcoming experience. They should reflect on why they are choosing to submit to this level of control and how it will benefit their relationship with their dominant partner. It’s also important to establish personal goals, such as self-control, discipline, and personal growth.

Physical Preparation

Wearing a chastity device for an extended period can be a physically demanding experience. Before locking the device in place, the submissive should take some time to prepare their body. This includes proper hygiene, trimming, or shaving any hair in the area to prevent discomfort, and ensuring the device is sized correctly.

Proper hygiene is essential before and during the use of a chastity device. The submissive should regularly clean the area around the device, including any folds or creases, to prevent any bacterial buildup that could lead to infection. It is also recommended that the device be removed periodically to allow for proper cleaning and inspection of the skin.

To prevent discomfort during extended wear, it is advisable to trim or shave any hair in the area previously covered up by the device. This will not only reduce chafing and irritation but will also allow for better airflow, preventing any unwanted humidity and preventing bacteria from building up.

It is important to ensure that the device is the proper size for the wearer. An ill-fitting device can lead to discomfort, chafing, and even injury. Submissives should verify the size and fit of the device and seek the assistance of their dominant if they have any concerns or discomfort with the device.


Once the device has been locked in place, the submissive should take some time to adjust to the experience. They should expect to feel discomfort, both physically and mentally, during the first few days of wear as their body adapts to the device. It is essential to communicate any discomfort or pain with their dominant partner and to monitor the functionality and efficiency of their device within regular intervals.

During the course of wearing a chastity device, the submissive should maintain proper hygiene, a positive attitude, and follow any rules and restrictions set forth in the agreement. This setup is a collaborative effort between the dominant and submissive, and communication is key to ensure that both parties are getting what they genuinely desire in the arrangement.

In conclusion, the use of a chastity device can be a rewarding and empowering experience for both the submissive and their dominant partner. Still, it requires mental and physical preparation as well as consistent communication between the involved parties. Therefore, one needs to invest time and effort in preparing for the use of this device as it requires a higher degree of dedication and maintenance than most other BDSM equipment.
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